COSS stands for Crypto-One-Stop-Solution and represents a platform, which encompasses all features of a digital economical system based on cryptocurrency. The COSS system consists of a payments gateway / POS, an exchange, a merchant list, market cap rankings, a marketplace, an e-wallet, various coin facilities and a mobile platform. The COSS platform unifies all transactional aspects that are usually managed by means of FIAT money, and offers multiple cryptocurrency-related services in one place. The list of potential features of the platform can be infinitely extended, and will continue growing as the platform evolves.


The main goal of coss is to bring cryptocurrencies to the masses. What COSS aims to cater to its users is a complete experience of accessing the available cryptocurrency services and products in the same place. From the very first moment a customer decides to use cryptocurrency he/she will be guided through the platform and its features. Protected from any unwanted negative experience, the user will continuosly find the new possibilities to use the platform and to interact on it. By means of this integrative approach to virtual currency services, the platform aims to become the most preferred medium, familiarizing the COSS customers with the cryptocurrencies and the ways of using them. For this purpose, the COSS platform is equipped with its own token, a wallet, an exchange, a merchant platform, payment gateway / POS and a list of features that are closely related to the use of crypto.

The COSS team is visionary in the way it approaches the development of the Crypto-One-Stop-Solution. On the track to massive cryptocurrency  adoption  we  do  not  allow  the limiting belief systems to interfere with the development of the COSS platform. We accept the changes that the rapidly-evolving technologies bring, and welcome innovation on any and every level. We plan our success with determination and implement it into our strategy that implies the following steps:
  • providing for all the cryptocurrency users' needs via one-stop-solution services.
  • rewarding users for bringing new merchants and affiliates on board.
  • establishing a marketplace, where cryptocurrency users and merchants can meet each other seamlessly.
  • issuing tokens with real value.
  • expanding the network of customers by providing the high-quality services.
  • enhancing the security of the system.
  • adopting the disruptive innovations.


The core application offers COSS users the following functionalities:
  • Account management:
       A. Registering a new account
       B. Login into an existing account
       C. Logout
       D. User profile deletion
       E. Configuration security (password change, adding phone number, setting email address, two-factor
       F. Viewing account actifity log
  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Wallet Management
       A. Viewing balance in each currency
       B. Making deposits
       C. Creating withdrawal requests

    Accept cryptocurrencies at your store.
    By plugging-in to our integration script you can start accepting cryptocurrencies on your e-commerce website instantly.
    All transactions initiated on COSS platform are saved and can be verified on the Ethereum blockchain.
    Exchange between BTC, VRS, ETH and EUR, USD, SGD instantly. Establish your own market or limit orders in trading.
    COSS is designed as a state-of-the-art application with advanced security features such as 2FA and end-to-end encryption.
    Seamless transfer of your funds from the merchant platform to the wallets and the exchange, all in one place.


Initial Release

  Recent Updates
  • is live. Register your account now!   - Apr 1, 2017
    After developing for the past six months, our team has successfully launched the platform. You can now register your account, claim your username and venture into the first modules.
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet   - Apr 1, features a cryptocurrency wallet that enables users to store Bitcoin, Ether and VEROS. You can easily deposit cryptocurrencies or real money by bank transfer.

    FIAT money is available for EUR, USD and SGD, and deposits can be made via Bank Transfer.
  • Exchange platform   - Apr 1, 2017
    Check the price of featured cryptocurrencies and start trading on the first pairs. The exchange enables both Market orders as well as Limit orders.

    Our exchange features the lowest commission of 0.20% and can decrease as your trading volume grows.
  • Payment gateway   - Apr 1, 2017
    Start accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method for your web shop.

    Easily integrate our payment script and start selling your products in Bitcoin, Ether or VEROS.
  • New currencies   - Apr 1, 2017
1. COSS Token Swp
2. P2P Remittance
3. AML/KYC Advanced Screening

Phase 2

 Phase 2 Planning
  • Crowdfunding   - Phase 2
    Finance your new idea or just help other get financed. Everything based on the security and transparency of the blockchain.
  • Pre-paid credit cards   - Phase 2
    Order your MasterCard branded credit-card and start depositing featured cryptocurrencies on it.

    The credit-card can be accepted by any merchant that has a MasterCard compatible POS.
  • Smart-contracts   - Phase 2
    Sign legal-binding contracts with partner companies or just incorporate a new company.
  • Remittance   - Phase 2
    International money transfer made easy through cryptocurrency adoption.
  • 3rd-party plugins   - Phase 2
    COSS integrates 3rd-party blockchain start-ups that can offer innovative features to our users.



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